Social distancing is worth the economic fallout, economists say

... a team of economists from the University of Wyoming ...

...the research team says that if the economy is reopened too quickly and the coronavirus once again spreads like wildfire, the resulting loss of life would be much more detrimental to the economy. This prediction, combined with the fact that it would cause thousands if not tens of thousands of more deaths, makes the question of whether or not to reopen the economy an easy choice.
Working under the assumption that current social distancing measures are effective in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, the study’s authors estimate that lockdown policies will ultimately outweigh their economic costs by $5.2 trillion once everything is said and done.

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Quite the contrast to some right-wingers basically insisting that "grandma must die to save the economy"!!

Playing the devil’s advocate.

Well, ...grandma and grandpa, two of each, have done the biological imperative. But for occasional babysitting, who needs them? Your grands that is, not mine.

My logic goes like this:

fatalities from covid-19 is currently mostly senior citizens because they are the most vulnerable.

How bad a viral disease is, depends on the initial viral load as well as vulnerability. As numbers of cases rise and lack of social distancing will result in higher viral loads for those that get it. Therefore, the disease will kill healthier and healthier people has it progresses through the population.

The current economic system depends on people staying alive. The more deaths, the greater the economic impact.

But there's more. When people realize the disease is going like wildfire and is dangerous, they will run and hide. The government won't have to call for lockdown, the people will lock themselves down.

And we'll be in a second, self imposed lock down, worst than the one we are in now.




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