For me, there is no evidence of god, if one means a creator, or some energy that started the whole universe into motion, or one who answers prayers. I think natural processes occurred creating our universe, and we know a great deal more about this structure than before we had modern methods of examination. We can understand how Earth and Moon came into being and even the Primordial Soup that contained the elements needed to begin one-cell organisms.


Evolution, through time and space, can be demonstrated by evidence found in fossil records. They can be dated and placed on a scale of geologic time.


Some perceive human beings as being at the top of a pyramid represented as man having “dominion” over all that swims, crawls and flies and all elements.


I don’t agree with that perception. I see human beings being part of the evolutionary development of different branches coming off the one-cell beginning. We have developed all the functions of mammals, with the 1.6 % difference from our closest relative, the apes. That 1.6 % difference has within it the ability to do the thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and conflict resolution that humans can perform, even as we continue to act as apes and use violence to settle differences.


All the wars and many of the disputes are within groups or between groups who have not learned the human capacity to solve differences and explore and experiment and discover such things as complex interpersonal relationships, sciences, and philosophies. Too often we are more ape-like than human. My great hope is that we can shake off the chains on our minds and create fully functioning human beings, making carefully thought out decisions, and using advanced skills of negotiation and compromise. If we can loosen the binds of Bronze Age thinking, we can take care of the Earth and empower all its elements to flourish. 

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I agree that dumbing down of USA citizens is a reality. It is easy to find evidence of that, just read some of the surveys where people have little or no knowledge of the principles upon which our nation stands and why we are strong because of them. Such things as women's right, laws against racial discrimination, the growing concern for BLBT rights.

Even modern voters don't understand the factors coming together at this time to create chaos and conflict. The tipping point of cheap oil has already been reached. Water is becoming a politically serious matter, globalization creates all kinds of conflicts. 

The task, it seems to me is to make sure our school stay healthy with enough teachers to teach the hard stuff, put greater emphasis on science and technology, emphasize critical thinking instead of rote memorization, and the meaning of ratios and how to use numbers wisely. 

All these things are possible. Are they probable? Perhaps not. Are they preferable? Definitely!




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