"Lysistrata is a newly envisioned feature film of Aristophanes shocking comic masterpiece about a sex strike, which ends war and shows why sexual politics are timelessly funny. Zita Walsh has written an adaptation that internationalizes the message of peace. As female leadership progresses from comedy to reality, Lysistrata delivers a plan for world peace. "

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Especially as we've been seeing a few female heads of state, since the mid-20th century... maybe there's hope for us yet!

Joan, surely you know that women have about as much greed as men. After all, they do want their children provided for, and traditionally have chosen to let the men who survive battle bring home the gains.

In 1952 I returned from the Korean War persuaded that old men send young men to war so that they (the old men) have more young women from which to choose. I remained cynical until I gained self-confidence and entered serious politics.

Since the disaster in Viet Nam, we'd had an all-volunteer military and only the most marginal of our young go to our wars. Because only the most marginal of our young die or are maimed, few Americans at home are concerned about our wars.

Darwin described natural selection. America's political leaders are doing what can be called economic selection.

How can there not be high rates of suicide and post traumatic stress among those who are in our wars or among those who survive our wars?

The killings here in America by young people will probably continue.

Who cares?




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