There may be no one who has a fuller understanding of the culture and dynamics of Muslim world in both its moderate and radical aspects than Maajid Nawaz. The problem has been that, because he has the unmitigated nerve to use clear observation and logic to critique Islam and Muslims, he has been labeled a persona non grata by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Even with that, Maajid continues to speak out to anyone who will listen.

One such person continues to be Bill Maher, who invited Nawaz to participate in a considerable interview on HBO's Real Time program of 23 June, 2017. The result was a wide-ranging and important discussion which I cannot recommend highly enough. Please watch, listen, and LEARN.

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I saw Maher's interview with Maajid and am glad I recorded it too. It's well worth at least one more viewing to understand the implications.
Maher does an outstanding job on this interview. As he does on all. I was interested in what the Republicans​ on the panel had to say about the way the party is pledging loyalty to the chief with no thought to the people who voted them in.




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