This video, posted by Ruth Anthony-Gardner, reveals the prospect for the Earth if attention is not paid to changes to the planet, caused by human beings.

The worst case scenario will occur after my death but will probably happen during the lifetimes of my descendants.  If this comes to fruition, it will be too late to change what is predicted to happen. My great-grandchildren will surely suffer the fate described in this video. 

The best case scenario will be realized if humans make profound changes in lifestyle, to get off fossil fuels, to use renewable and sustainable forms of energy, to produce goods and services closer to the place of consumption, to eat lower on the food chain, and facilitate family planning around the globe. 

Have we reached the tipping point yet? I have no idea. I only know that I am putting all my effort into making the planet as safe, secure, and stable a place as possible for my great-grandchildren. My desire is to maintain and perpetuate the beauty and wonder of Earth I have known during my 78 years. 

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