Pompeo Discussed Rapture at CIA

Mike Pompeo seems to be associated with right wing Christian Anti-Muslim extremism.

As the Senate considers whether to confirm CIA Director Mike Pompeo as President Trump’s secretary of state,...

Pompeo has not publicly tied his belief in the Rapture to U.S. policy, but he allegedly has brought Rapture theology into the CIA. Michael Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation—a watchdog group on issues of religious freedom in the military and intelligence community—told TYT that Pompeo has talked about the Rapture at the CIA during his tenure as director there.

Weinstein told TYT his group has received complaints from CIA personnel about Pompeo’s introduction of overtly religious behavior into the workplace, including Rapture references. “He is intolerant of anyone who isn’t a fundamentalist Christian,” Weinstein said. “The people that worked under him at the CIA that came to us were never confused—they never had time to be confused. They were shocked and then they were scared shitless.” 

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Why am I not surprised?  Pompeo's attitude has too often reminded me of that of a megachurch preacher.  All this does is confirm my impressions.  The real problem, of course, is that there is no one around to tell him to knock it off, to remind him that the US government (at least on paper) is SECULAR and that mixing religion and government is an accident waiting to happen at best.

What to do about this, I have NO idea.




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