Morality, The Difference Between Private and Public

"Twice before progressive have saved capitalism from its own excesses by appealing to public morality and common sense.
"First in the early 1900s, when the captains for American industry had monopolized the economy into giant trusts, American politics had sunk into a swamp of patronage and corruption, and many factory jobs were unsafe – entailing long hours of work at meager pay and often exploiting children. In response, we enacted antitrust, civil service reforms, and labor protections.

Second,  "again in 1930s after the stock market collapsed and a large portion of American workforce was unemployed. Then we regulated banks and insured deposits, cleaned up stock market, and provided social insurance to the destitute. 

"It’s time once again to save capitalism from its own excesses — and to base a new era of reform on public morality and common sense."
~ Robert Reich

Money plays far too large a role in government with greed and hubris taking over decision making and leaving behind a trampled middle class and starving underclass. We are beginning to think in terms of space travel and colonization. Are we going to recreate the kind of political system on a space ship as we have currently on Spaceship Earth? If we have 7 billion human beings on Earth and a very large part of them do not have enough to eat or decent housing, or available schools or health care or justice, and we think we can go into space without having figured this out, we had better not be the first to colonize. Stay on the ground where you might have a chance of survival. In an oligarchy space ship, if you are surplus, would they throw you overboard? 
Earthbound overpopulation, in effect, go over board. 

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All the candidates are wealthy

Obama makes millions a year and his wife wears 8 thousand dollar jackets - just to cite an example


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