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Hell of it is, I doubt most people realize the necessity of homo sapiens being a social animal, at least in the 20th century.  It was a necessity back in our earliest days, when the threats to our existence were real and regular and if we didn't hang together, we got EATEN separately!

The problem now is that humankind has developed enough of a technical structure that it becomes more possible for someone to consider him- or herself an island, entire of itself, forgetting what it took to make that feasible in the first place.

Once you have been separated and isolated from the rest, you learn that you can only become complete when you can interact with people. I still consider religious people's biggest crime that they separate and isolate their children, estranging them from other people and from themselves.

Problem is, Chris, they have to!  Otherwise their kids will get all sorts of odd ideas ... like physics works and questioning is healthy ... and there is no god!

Or at least that it's perfectly OK to live as if there's no god, no heaven and hell; and that we're only accountable to each other and ourselves.

Yea, I know about getting odd ideas - I was a child that got them. The xtians had better offered me something worthwhile, if they wanted me to stay. Problem for them: they had nothing worthwhile.

I remember from whom I borrowed the idea for these words. It was Martin Seligman, author of "Learned Helplessness", "Learned Optimism", and "Authentic Happiness".
On positive psychology - Martin Seligman




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