Originally when I first heard that there may have been a relationship between the Trump campaign and the Russians who were hacking the DNC and John Podesta, I wasn't sure whether to take those reports seriously.  With the information supplied here by Rachel Maddow, however, I am beginning to think that those allegations have more than a little substance to them.  The problem, though, as Rachel herself points out, is that the fox currently has guard duty on the chicken coop, and it may fall to the Fourth Estate to flesh out and investigate further.

In any case, this is definitely worth a look.

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Basically the DNC believes that Russia tipped the scales for Trump by revealing that the DNC tipped the scales for Hilary. Sorry, I don't believe that Russia hacked the DNC. I, at best, believe that Trump has shady business connections with Russia and may have illegal contact with them. I've stopped believing MSNBC after their travesty in covering the primaries.

The Democrats still haven't looked themselves in the mirror on how they lost the election to the least liked candidate in the history of politics.

I definitely IS up to the 4th Estate.  As is any meaningful resistance to this awful presidency.  Sometimes thing have to get worse before the bottom falls out.  I expect things to get worse, but I don't know if that means the bottom will fall out and we have a turnaround of some sort.

We need to revive the term "credibility gap" regarding the current US government, and mainly related to the executive branch.  Whether we can trust the FBI, the CIA, and the congress and senate, remains to be seen.

The Comey hearing certainly didn't do anything to help Trump's credibility.  It'll be interesting to see if anything comes of the investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia's interference in the election.

Hell, given the insanity since the beginning of his term, perhaps someone in the Trump administration will throw Trump himself under the bus, if there is actually anything there.  Several of his cabinet members are beginning to show signs of wear, over Trump's pursuit of his Obama-wiretapped-me insanity.  I get the sense that at least a few of them would rather be rid of Trump in favor of Pence.

Hey, and we could have the first president actually removed in an impeachment!  I don't think that Trump's ego would allow him to acknowledge reality and resign, as Nixon did.  Hell, I don't think that any part of his brain will allow him to acknowledge reality, impeachment or not.

As regards Drumpf & Co., it's less a credibility gap we're dealing with than a yawning chasm which would rival the Grand Canyon for its capaciousness.  Donnie's penchant for off the cuff and on the Twitter lies has gone beyond the pale, and now with Comey finally deciding to do his job and begin some serious digging into the field of nightmares which are the connections between his machine and the Russian Bear, it may also be that any attempt to normalize 45's presidency is a properly lost cause.

What may be the single most disturbing part of this entire business is that Drumpf may think he can lie and tweet his way out of this ... when he should be scared off his ass.

Well, he can't be doing too badly.  His approval rating spiked to 58%, recently.

Oh, wait, sorry.  That's his disapproval rating.  I wonder where the numbers will be in another month.


His numbers did actually improve for a bit there, early/mid-March.  On the 10th and 11th, he came within leaping distance of positive numbers, dipping below 50% disapproval rating, for the first time since January 26th.

I wonder if it's possible for him to go below 30% approval rating, in this polarized political climate.  Maybe we'll see it in another few weeks.

That we have a serious situation in the Trump – Russia debacle almost goes without saying at this departure.  Having heard the following commentary from Keith Olbermann, I could almost accuse him of hyperbole ... almost, but not quite.




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