My Concerns 2018

With Earth temperature rising, sea level rising, forests drying & burning, refugees increasing, potable water decreasing, streams, river, and lakes drying, I have concerns about the health of populations around the world. 


John Barry: The Pandemic Risk

  • Pandemic & infectious epidemics chances of occurring in the next 5 years, impossible to predict; totally random.
    • Bacteria
      • Anthrax
      • Cholera
      • Meningitis
      • Pneumonia 
      • Scarlet fever
      • Typhoid.
    • Virus 
      • Bubonic plague
      • Ebola
      • HIV/AIDS
      • Influenza
      • Polio
      • Smallpox

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Climate change escalates all sorts of risks to our health. Yesterday I was discussing the news about aerosols masking 23% of greenhouse warming in the Arctic with my husband. It occurred to me that if a pandemic could shut down half of industrial activity and vehicle pollution globally, within a few weeks the Arctic could get more than 10% warmer. Aerosols wash out fast. That might be enough to trigger a big methane release from the East Siberian Shelf, then it's climate death spiral.

Nonlinear interacting threats make contemporary society fragile.

In geology, some geologists describe changes as slow and ongoing. Modern methods prove this to not be true. Most major changes in geologic formation form as a result of a sudden and rapid change. In my opinion, that is what we experience today. 

I tried to persuade my granddaughters to not have any more children without telling them why. Now, I discover Laurie is expecting her second baby. 

It certainly reinforces my decision not to have children!


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