Lead bullets?  Asbestos?!?  Rolling back mileage requirements that the automobile industry had already agreed to???  Such moves aren't just stupid or pandering to the corporate state, they are, to put it succinctly, DICK MOVES, put into motion by the Command-Dick-In-Chief, Donnie Drumpf.

Said foolishness caught the attention of Bill Maher, who laid these and other charming actions out for all to see this past Friday on Real Time ... and I commend his commentary to your attention.

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Naow-ow thet's a turr-rr-rr-ible thing ta say abaout dicks, Loorennnn. Aintchu got no cooth?

Sorry, nope, fresh out!

Loren - you've emptied your bag of fucks to give???

Got LOTS of fucks to give, bro ... but keep in mind: there's dicks and then there's DICKS.




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