There does come a time when negotiation and compromise do not fit the situation. When people  prevent others from speaking their truth, when they dominate the conversation, or impose their beliefs on others without trying to find a win/win situation then it is time to change tactics. 

People with a sense of integrity, who see the flaws in another’s thinking, when they hear foolish things stated by people, or when confronted with bigoted, and closed mindedness, must take a stand and state their point of view.

There need be no false respect when respect is not earned. There need be no false patience when what is needed is a clear statement of disagreement. There is a time when negotiation and compromise work against a win/win solution. 

Those who claim there is a god, or son of god, or spirit, or heaven, or hell, have the burden of proof on them. Without evidence there is no reason to take them seriously. They can be dismissed without hesitation or apology. 

All a non-believer has to do is look around and see what is happening in our government, schools, families and to individuals. The fundamentalist who attempts to take over these institutions reveals themselves to be very unhealthy leaders. Observing the hate-mongering going on in and among far right groups makes it necessary to put a foot down and say, “No more! You have gone too far!” If we do less, of what use are we as citizens? 

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