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Equal protection under the law and innocent until proven guilty, two principles upon which USA stands, no longer exist. Violations, while easily identified, seem to make little difference to an apathetic public. A two-tier system of justice exists with few challenging the system. With economic inequality growing exponentially, I wonder how long it will take before public resistance begins?


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Even educated liberals seem oblivious to the loss of liberty in the US. It's like mental inertia, assuming our country hasn't changed. When I try to explain that democracy and justice have changed, I'm taken to be spouting extremism.

That is what I experience, too. It seems to me problems grow so fast, creating unnecessary suffering, and many don't want to look at the facts. I guess at my age I have no need for approval, so I just keep on ... sadly, that sounds like harping and it is easy to discount one who harps. 


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