North Carolina: Battleground State

"On one side:  a right-wing government enacting laws that are changing the face of the state.

"On the other:  citizen protesters who are fighting back against what they fear is a radical takeover.

"This crucible of conflict reflects how the battle for control of American politics is likely to be fought for the foreseeable future: not in Washington, DC, but state by state."

Health Care




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Well Joan, I'm in support of the Moral Monday mob.

Yes, people are more important than politics.

Anything that stifles Education in my view, stifles social progress.

Safety nets like Medicaid are also important.

So the Immoral Government is not a Humanist government.

As a Humanist, I hope Moral Monday movement gets the changes they want.

Also one good thing is that through Moral Monday protests, the rest of the US will be shown how Anti-Humanistic Republican Policies truly are and hopefully, turn many swinging voters in the rest of the nation against GOP.

Even better, turn previous GOP supporters against GOP.

GOP should be constantly bagged and denigrated for their nonsense around the world.

Not just in the US!




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