"No, no, no. Eve did not eat an apple. She ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God set them up because he planted the tree and told both Adam and Eve "do not eat of this." When they both did eat of the tree, they knew they were naked. This is why they hid from god and hid behind a tree. (It isn't clear why god could not see them. LOL) God apparently killed some animals and made them clothing of skins, and we have an idea of "shedding of blood." (I always wondered if god burned a little meat at this time too.)

"Now the nature of the above is why many theists have always said that the "fall" was about sex. God was upset saying "now they will be like us." (Notice a god plural here.) This belief is why you hear so many claim we "were conceived in sin."

"It makes me think that god had no plans of natural birth and that humans would be made from dirt and ribs forever, but why did god give them sex organs? Nothing here makes much sense. God put everything there in the garden, so why is he so angry?

"Original sin" appears to be no more than a desire for knowledge. Apparently god wanted to keep his human creations very 'dumb." Mankind wanted a little more than that. The only one who did not lie in the garden setting was the serpent, and he got punished too. (Notice how every theist tells you the serpent was the devil, but the Genesis account does not say that.)

"The story is so absurd that it can be thrown right out the window. Nothing here is real. The theist will never throw out this story because without it you have no reason for "redemption, salvation, justification, being washed in the blood," or anything to do with Jebus Chrust.

"Without the flawed Genesis account of the garden and the fall of man the entire bible becomes nothing but stories. There is no need for mankind to do anything else written in the bible in order to please a sky daddy in hopes that he might live with him forever. No need unless you believe this bunk first!"

~ used with permission of the author. 

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One thing to be content with: Eve's decision to learn something instead of obeying.

God is such a duplicitous prankster

The story of Adam and Eve is, to me, the perfect example of the basis of religion. A a warning to it's adherents not to acquire knowledge. If so, you will be punished severely. And, why? It's right in the story. Before they ate of the fruit, they had no idea what they were doing was wrong. How could they? They didn't have the knowledge. Once they had gained that knowledge, they were thrown out because when god conferred with his other gods, he was worried they would eat of the fruit of the other tree, of everlasting life, and become like them. The more humans acquire knowledge, the more they become their own gods, and have no need of the made up ones. Knowledge - the death knell of religion.

Pat, powerfully stated! You are so correct. The farther I tap into this pool of knowledge the more ridiculous religious beliefs become. 

Pat, may I post this on Twitter? You know the process:

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2. I cut and paste it on my Politics, Economics and Religion site and Twitter it from there; 

3. I attribute it to your name. 

4. I attribute it to "used with permission of the author. 

5. ?

If anyone has an easier way to get a whole paragraph onto Twitter, please let me know. 




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