Pastor cautions Christian women about those Trump-loving men of the Christian Right—and he nails it

We all know there are predatory men and women and I am not denying it.

What is the rate of men and women rapes? Sadly, rape is grossly under-reported, especially men who are raped. 

1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men in the United States has been raped in their lifetime.1
Almost half of female (46.7%) and male (44.9%) victims of rape in the United States were raped by an acquaintance. Of these, 45.4% of female rape victims and 29% of male rape victims were raped by an intimate partner. 

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What is the rate of men and women violent criminals?

Since the 1960s in the United States, the extent of female arrests has generally been less than 15 percent for homicide and aggravated assault, and less than 10 percent for the serious property crimes of burglary and robbery.

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Now, let's stop playing the statistic game and look at what happens when politics and economics join with religion to put women at risk from men. You men can write about women putting men at risk, that's not my task here. 

Pastor cautions Christian women about those Trump-loving men of the...

“To them, you aren’t separate but equal, as they might claim from the pulpit. You may be made in the image of God, but not in the same way that they are. You are inferior. You are lesser than. You are Adam’s rib meat; baby machines, meal preparers, arm candy, pleasure tools designed by God for men to use as they desire. Some of these men of God will have the guts to actually say this, others will simply prove it to you. They are proving it to you now. Listen to them.”

John Pavlovitz veteran minister, Raleigh, North Carolina "who’s not afraid to call out men of the Christian Right"

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