This is so outrageous I shouldn't even be giving it time and space. But read this filth and ask why this kind of thinking continues in our culture.
"Pastors Blame Wildfires on Christian Women Who Wear Pantsuits and Hats: Also to blame were abortion, a same-sex kiss, and exposed breasts.
July 1, 2013"
Religious people, if you don't denounce this belief system, then I have an obligation to denounce religions.

Pastors Blame Wildfires on Christian Women Who Wear Pantsuits and Hats
Also to blame were abortion, a same-sex kiss, and exposed breasts.
July 1, 2013 |

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This is the kind of crap I expect out of islamic mullahs, who seem to think that women with exposed breasts may give rise to tectonic plate shifts on the order of 8.0 on the Richter scale ... but then, as that great philosopher and shrimp boat captain said, and more than once:

Stupid is as stupid does.
-- Forrest Gump

Joan, file it under religion-induced insanity.

Falwell, Robertson, etc; their words tell the hurt they are feeling.

I hope they keep on talking, instead of bombing or shooting.

Joan, Where's the orginal source? I want to see it in all its psychotic glory.

On the contrary, I believe atheists MUST uncover and expose this crap, over and over.  Publicize the ignorance.  Cover it with shame and ridicule.  Scapegoating is one of religion's most vile practices (Jews caused the plague by poisoning the wells), and it must never be allowed to go unanswered.   I don't mind if  these loonies rave from within a padded cell.  But they are public figures and drag a lot of weak minds down with them. 

Alan, I found the source when I googled "women to blame for wildfire".

It's two xians on radio in Colorado.

Thanks, Tom.  There's an article in this (if it hasn't been done 100 times already), suggested title: "Blame it on the Breasts: Natural Disasters, Sexual Repression, and Pastoral Scapegoating." 

What would the poor idiot do, if there were no women to blame?

That ancient Chinese curse, May you live in a time of change, is responsible.

Someone laid it on those two xians.

Colorado changed some laws, two gays kissed in the state legislature, airplane movies showed breasts, and more. They believed they were cursed and went bonkers.

Alan, I am sorry I failed to put the citation in. Glad I copied the title so I could find the original.
Pastors Blame Wildfires on Christian Women Who Wear Pantsuits and Hats

Eureka! An explanation for this conservative nonsense!

In The Republican Brain, Chris Mooney cites research that shows conservatives need closure more than liberals.

Mooney's Chapter Three, on Political Personalities, goes into detail. In situations where liberals see ambiguities and use nuances to resolve them, Mooney says conservatives see problems they resolve quickly. They give themselves ill-considered explanations.

It's weirdness out of hats, as fast as possible.

Really, it's not weirdness at all, Tom.  It's the child's expectation of logic where there may be none.  And like it or not, too many republicans are or certainly act like CHILDREN.  As I have said many times, they want things simple, straightforward, without complication or nuance.  They want black and white, not a gray scale.  Apparently in this case, they're willing to acknowledge an explanation so improbable as to be ridiculous, but its simplicity satisfies the aforementioned equation, so they run with it.

Not that long ago, John McCain made a similar statement regarding the putative christian origins of this country in a statement he doubtless knew was false, but made for his own political survival.  This is what the GOP has been reduced to: a bunch of children, believing in ghosts and goblins, yet hoping they don't get caught.  And because no one has had the guts to call them on their make-believe, they've gotten away with it.

So far.

This religious scapegoating is one of the sickest forms of sexual repression that I know of.


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