If even one person or church community who believes god exists would denounce such outrageous rhetoric I will be surprised. Using scripture as justification for killing, maiming, destroying, murdering, and plundering, presents just one more piece of evidence the bible is the source of evil, lack of morality and ethics. Shame on you!  

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There was a Dallas pastor who did, actually. TYT did a story on it a week or two ago... I'm sorry I don't have the link. Thing is, I figure the ones who do raise their voices in support of these civil rights won't be heard much, due to the marketing of news in general, and the drowning out of extremist voices within their own sects.

No religious person or community has denounced these two charlatans yet? Well, I guess I am on the right track to denounce religion, silence implies agreement. Do you folks reading from your bibles agree with these two sorry excuses of men?


I would not stand silent on this Joan! These people need to be stopped.

This is the third and last appeal to responsibility. Christians, or anybody of faith, it is time for you to stand up and confront these attitudes! There is no place in our nation for such bigotry and prejudgment! Even a tiny, wee, timid little confrontation is all I ask. 

No guts, no glory. I can't even imagine what a real god would say in response to such hatred ... Oh! I forgot, your god says to smite down those who would not agree with him. 

What if there is no god, and there is no condemnation of homosexuals, and there is no reason to beat up gays and put them behind electric fences? What then? 

Have you no principles? Darn! I keep forgetting, you have principles based on Bronze Age tribal laws. 




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