Pete Peterson Exposed: The "Grand Bargain" Hoax

This kindly old man, Pete Peterson, and his cohorts have a plan to restore the economy by sucking workers dry and siphoning money to him and his friends. They all appear to be fine, upstanding, respectable, responsible men. Be careful! Someone stated we are not to judge ... well we better be discerning! The Grand Bargain Hoax is on working people. 

Henry Paulson

Ben Bernanke

Larry Summers 

Tim Geithner

Robert Rubin 

Alan Greenspan 

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Why is it these men never get enough money?  It puzzles me no end.  Is there enough money in the world to satisfy them?

Katherine, I tried to post this on your Wall, but failed. So, I will try this way:
Katherine, Yes! Ensure Clear comes in fruit flavors and doesn't have that awful taste that regular Ensure has. I have Peach, Blueberry/Pomegranate, and Mixed Fruit. I mix a half glass with S. Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water on ice for an extra zing.

The Chemo cocktail was brutal, and I am now on the chemo Herceptin every three weeks for seven months. That is easy to take, and I have no gastric upset.

I have eight more radiation treatments and will be done with that. Each treatment, my breast gets more painful, all in the tolerable range. My skin is beginning to break down; the Dr. gave me a new cream today. These radiation treatments are five days a week for six weeks. I am almost done! My fatigue grows with each treatment as well, but I am able to lay down all day if I want to. I don't have any trouble sleeping at night. And my appetite is restored. So I am doing just great.

The nurse told me today that my face is lined with smile lines and she can tell I am doing fine. She said some have frown lines, and they don't do so well. My family keeps me laughing ... the best treatment possible.

Glad to hear how you're doing Joan! Use your smile lines, they're beautiful!

Thanks Joan.

k. hughes, you ask the correct question!
Chris, thanks for the encouragement! Hope you take good care of yourself!

Great video, Joan! Thanks.




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