How is it that Joe Arpaio deserves a pardon and dreamers don't?

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Bert, your question suggests that you are at risk of turning to religion. Hold out a little longer.

Bless me, Father, for (apparently) I have sinned.

Arpaio didn't deserve a pardon; his racism earned it from another racist.

Say five Hail Marys. :-)

Hm-mm, visiting a dictionary earned me a reward. Since 'pardon' implies error or offense, few if any Dreamers deserve pardons. (Ice cream will suffice.)

They committed the offense of being here. Ask any racist.

I said five "Hell, Marys."

You'll do anything to keep from buying me ice cream, won't you?

Cuz he's 'murikin'?

Because racists take care of their own?

Cat, that is as good an explanation as any.




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