Proving that prayer is superstition
I should have kept track of how many people told me they were praying for me as I face the challenges of breast cancer. Of course I thanked them for their thought, however the thought of prayer is an irrelevant thought, the act of prayer is a cheap action and a prayer linked with a tithe to a religious organization is a fraud.

I would far rather a person would think about ways to support a person facing such a challenge, or write a check to cancer research, or join with others in a campaign to fight cancer.

Prayer is a superstition and should be treated as such.

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This has been posted elsewhere on Nexus, but it makes me laugh every time I think about it.  I hope I have the grace when someone says they will pray for me, to come back with this response:



"Don't pray for me. Make me a sandwich!"

Peanut butter and jelly, please, on whole wheat. And make it peach jelly. I like that.

Also, Hemant Mehta, who has to be one of the nicest, more intelligent people out there.

the entire discussion is here. I tried to make the URL so it starts at the "I'll Pray For You" issue but it didn't work. The issue starts at issue #11, which is about 6min 40 sec..

Better keep track of the people who don't pray for you!


The one aspect of prayer that might be useful is the concentration on a problem. But a diary or any piece of paper you use to make maps of the things you don't understand well enough, is far more useful.




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