Public’s Views on Human Evolution  "a third (33%) reject the idea of evolution"

This question is so stupid, I hesitate to ask it ... If all living forms were created during a six day period, and if all living things, except for Noah and his hardy little band of pairs, perished in the flood, where did he store all the different species of alligators and crocodiles? 

Can you tell I am spending time with my great-grandkids? 

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Patricia, I like that answer. 

That's where the story ends, because it's impossible. I don't know how to talk to children, but it might be an interesting conversation. I'd explain that the story of the flooding of the world was probably a blown-up version of ´The flooding of OUR world´ in which a family lost their home in a flood and escaped on a raft with their animals.

Oh! the kids love these critters and dinosaurs; you know the ones, that Jesus held in his arms and petted. They couldn't even give me an answer to the Noah question either. I'm going to have to figure out a way to answer the dinosaur timeline without incurring the wrath of the neighbor kids' parents.   

How about a Socratic approach? As the kids how THEY think it's possible!

I vote for space aliens helping out. Mormon space aliens. They took the dinosaurs to their home planet.

maybe the alligators are just good swimmers? They floated and swam among the floating debris and ate.... well you know.

Questions: Where are all you people when I need you?

Answer: Just a few minutes away from my request for ideas! Thanks, all of you! 

I'm having a great time! 

Socratic approach sounds excellent!  This is getting even more fun!

Worse yet, what happened to the PLANTS, to the grass, trees, flowers, and anything humans or animals use for FOOD?!?  Forty days and nights underwater would have killed an unfortunate fraction of it and left Noah and company with a largely desolate planet for his ark to repopulate.

For anyone who bothers to THINK, the story of Noah and those like it are nothing more than that - STORIES, and anyone who believes them either has a bad case of confirmation bias or something seriously wrong with their cognitive skills!

Exactly! If such obvious questions do not come up in a believer's mind, I wonder what use is the mind? Is it just some gelatinous substance to hold the ears apart? 




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