"Hundreds of members of radical Islamic groups on Friday called for “jihad in Myanmar” during rallies in front of the Myanmar embassy in Menteng, Jakarta, to protest growing violence against Rohingya Muslims.

“It has been [going on for a] long [time], our brothers in Rohingya have been tortured by Myanmar military, Buddhist monks and Buddhist people in Myanmar. There is no other way for our Muslim brothers in Rohingya, we have to wage jihad,” said Islamic Defender Front (FPI) chairman Rizieq Shihab during a protest at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle."

Radical Rallies in Jakarta Call for Deadly Jihad in Myanmar

Stop an think about this for a minute:  Muslims in Rohingya have been tortured by Myanmar military, Buddhist monks and Buddhist people in Myanmar. These are not secularists against secularists. I don't know about the military, and there is no justice here and no peace. What is it about belief that allows people to take arms against others? Is faith such a powerful force that it can destroy others without recourse? 

Where is the good sense of these people? Certainly not their holy scriptures or dogma. 

War mongers are like packs of rats killing each other off without using our brain power. Insanity. 

"Hundreds of members of radical Islamic groups rally at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to protest violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar on Friday. (JG Photo/Bayu Marhaenjati)"


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"Good sense?"  From people who advocate jihad for the sake of their religion?  I wouldn't expect to find a whole lot of sense of any sort from that crowd, Joan.

Yes Joan, hardly any secular involvement there, though nobody is sure what is really going on there, since they haven't been able to get anybody in to assess it properly.

Appears to go further towards supporting the secular concept of "No Religion, No Wars".

As in John Lennon's "Imagine".  

Though the truth may not be a religious confrontation as much as being some private, personal greedy grab for power by a narcissistic leader or group.

Guess we will have to wait for the dust to settle and investigators gain access to the source of the trouble.




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