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USA a secular nation.

1. USA military will serve all citizens without regard for gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and nonreligious.

2. Healthcare professionals will provide service to all patients.

3. All federal- or state-funded programs will be based on public health.

4. Employment, environmental or land-use law will apply to all.

5. Government will protect the sanctity of families.

6. Government will protect end of life choices, guaranteeing control over one’s own body.

7. USA youth will receive a sound education based on reading, writing, science and critical thought without interference of religion.

8. Candidates for public office will have access to the election process.

9. Parents and teachers will treat children as human beings, based on their health and welfare.

10. Medical, technical, and scientific innovation will be dedicated to the health and advancement of our fellow citizens.

USA remains the Enlightenment nation, the nation based on reason with the goal to empower individuals to flourish to their fullest potential. Secular USA citizens have much to contribute to our nation and to the world. 

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