Reclaim and use tools of cooperation, emphasizing relationships, interdependence, and mutual support.

Institutions such as churches and governments use tools of aggression, competition, conquest, and might-makes-right. Women use tools of cooperation, emphasizing relationship, interdependence, and mutual support. Oversimplification? Of course it is. However, there are threads of truth in this tapestry. 

Women become change agents by using the tools they already possess. Women do not need to imitate the power used by institutions for they have their own power. Women must simply take ownership of it. 

Women’s way, lost in our society because of patriarchal values, increasingly becomes isolated, cut off from a natural ways of mutual benefit. Some accuse women of being wild, even as the culture continues to treat women cruelly. The reported wildness is nothing more than the cries of women, children, unemployed and those who are weak calling out to be heard. 

Just as the church abandons the welfare of women, children, disabled, poor, elderly, unemployed, and Third World nations, so does modern government act in support of violence and aggression used to exploit and manipulate them. 

There is nothing new in oppressive policies and practices of church and state; what is new is the refusal of women, men and Third World countries to obey or submit to domination. 

If working women and men around the Earth reclaim their rightful place as participants in producing goods and services, they have a right to reclaim their shares of profits. In order to do that, they need to reclaim and use tools of cooperation, emphasizing relationships, interdependence, and mutual support.

We don't need superhuman power, we need courage, wisdom, compassion and seeing ourselves as part of something very much bigger than we are. That is the stuff of women's power. 



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