Hey, Who wants to start a new religion?

While studying for my B.Sc. I had to take a course called natural disasters. I noticed that the biggest natural disasters coincided with the start of one of the major sects in Christianity.

Pentecost was the 1906 San Francisco fire. It was started when a gas line broke during an earthquake. 6 months later, Japan had a 6.5 earthquake. Before the year was over, Pentecost was born. 

Methodist was after what they think may be the largest earthquake recorded off the coast of France. John Wesley declared it was the judgment of god and the people must rededicate themselves.

California just had one hell of a wildfire season, this morning mudslides and a flash flood crashed into a town. The death count was 13 as of 6:40 am PST. So there's probably more now. The place is ripe for a religious fanatic to make his move.

It's been 10 years since I did that course, and so I don't remember all the disasters and their related religions.

Did anyone else notice this?

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I have a suggestion. You could name your new religion the Church of the Presumptuous Assumption. (h/t to the Firesign Theatre)

I'm not a good public speaker. Since you have the name, go for it!

Hm-mm, Jotham, I’ve read ancient history and your post stirred my memory of pix of sky gods battling each other.

As I recall, these sky gods represented planets and other overhead objects. Also as I recall, there were many wanderering men claiming to be prophets.

Natural disasters create fear, feeling helpless, and of being out control.  Along comes a charismatic man or woman who claims to know why disasters strike and what to do about them. Many spout anger, blaming the Irish, the Italians, the coloreds, women, LGBTQ, the poor, the Democrats or Republicans, or both, and they touch into the fear, helplessness, and feelings of being out of control. 

Through manipulation of feelings and stirring emotions, new religions spring up, growing like an amoeba with spin-offs as disputes occur. 

NO! A new religion is not what we need in this chaotic world of climate change and the consequences of melting ice in the Arctic, Antarctic, glaciers, and snow packs around the globe. Refugees flee storm destroyed homes and communities, with the consequences of refugee camps in places they haven't been before, or increasing the population of existing camps. 

Lack of pottable water, food, shelter, health care, and jobs increase tensions on all continents. Formerly friendly neighbors become the enemy competing for food and resources. 

What we need are effective leaders in the camps who can find relief of the suffering of the campers.

We need national leaders who see the problems and the consequences of suffering. 

We need focus on getting basic supplies to those camps. 

We need supplies from undamaged areas of the world to meet basic needs. 

We can provide the assistance needed to develope communities with resources making it possible for the refugees themselves to build shelters, distribute food and health care. 

We need Permaculture trainers teaching refugees how to develop soil out of layers of clay or sandy soils, and how to sequester water. 

Churches and religion are not the answer to these complex problems. Giving people blankets, rice,  and bibles will not solve the problems of the flow of human beings from shorelines and low-lying lands. They need information, training, guidance, apprenticeships, all focused on self-sufficiency. Yes food, shelter, health care, and education need to be supplied in the short-term, however, a focus on long-term solutions has to be part of the answer. 

My thoughts exactly. But I wouldn't be surprised if we find a new religious sect coming out of california



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