Religions Of Peace?!?  Thanks EducationIsCool

Claims of religions of peace reveal themselves as not only ludicrous but delusional. One only has to pay attention to current events and remember the historic roots of Christianity and Islam to know that peace is not their prime objective. Surely, I don't have to list the evidence to support my claims! Historical records of slavery within religious communities can clearly be cited, or oppression of women sanctioned by religious dogma, or the vile hatred of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, with sanctions of theological traditions. 

Have you ever seen a secularist burn crosses on lawns, or bomb churches, or prohibit women from participation in community affairs, or threaten GLBTs? If non-believers do think or act in such primitive ways, other non-believers step up in protest. 

Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan Debate: Is Islam a Religion ...

A history of christian violence and intolerance repeated

Is Your Spouse a Serial Bully?

“'Gospel civilization,' many believed, didn’t just permit slavery — it required it. Christians across the Confederacy were convinced that they were called not only to perpetuate slavery but also to “perfect” it. And they understood the Bible to provide clear moral guidelines on how to properly practice it. The Old Testament patriarchs owned slaves, Jewish law clearly assumed its permissibility and the Apostle Paul’s New Testament letters repeatedly compelled slaves to be obedient and loyal to their masters. Above all, as Southerners never tired of pointing out to their abolitionist foes, the Gospels fail to record any condemnation of the practice by Jesus Christ."

The South, the War and ‘Christian Slavery’ By Thom Bassett

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Religion will bring peace when: 1) there is one religion, 2) it has one leader, 3) that leader lives forever, and 4) everyone obeys that leader.

Enjoy, Joan.

Hi Joan.

I remember a long time ago, you put up a list of religious conflicts and I said they weren't really religious, but they were more ethnic based. I may have come a over a tad harsh. Eg: the Catholic vs Protestant conflict has more to do with Anglo/Scots vs indigenous Irish. And there were lots of other examples from different countries and different religions.

But this post by you has prompted me to re-think my position. 

Although I still think the list had more to do with ethnic and not religious violence, if religions truly were 'Religions of Peace', then by believing in religion, all conflicts would come to an end, including ethnic conflicts. But that doesn't happen. 

I could understand an immoral indigenous atheist Irishman bashing an Anglo/Scot Irishman, and saying I hate you, I hate you. But a catholic Irishman, who believes in the God of peace and love, bashing an Anglo/Scot Irishman, and saying 'I love you in the name of God, I love you in the name of God' at the same time, just doesn't make sense. 

So, back to the list, I hope you remember it. I looked for it, but can't find it.

The list is good in that it shows how fruitless religion is at creating peace. It shows that religion has no effect on stopping violence. And maybe it increases violence, because it allows for division between the believers.

Thanks for the post.




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