Okay my friends, I'm gonna' rant a bit. When something ups and slaps me in the face, I generally have to say something. Can't just let it lie. At the time, I said my piece, most everyone also had a say, and surprisingly, we were mostly in agreement. It entailed actual religious harm, not some far away kind, but right in my face. Still angry about it, so I need to rant somewhat, let it out.

     The first case involved someone with multi-system organ failure who did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. However, when they were unable to express themselves any longer, power of attorney devolved onto a relative who refused to abide by their wishes. The reason? Because god would heal them as he promised in the bible. This person was placed on artificial life support and lasted about a week as deacons and preachers came daily to "lay hands" and pray over them. The relative was supported fully by their preacher because god could heal this person, as he had promised. Another broken promise from god, as they died anyway, but I did hear the preacher say god works in ways we can't understand, and it was all according to his will. Yeah, right. If I mix cocoanut milk with lime juice and orange juice and drink it while soaking my feet in a vat of oatmeal, monkeys will fly outta' my butt every time I gotta' go. Mysterious ways, don'tcha' know.

     The second was a preacher, who also calls himself a prophet and apostle of god. He entered the room of a sick person and asked if he could pray for him. The man said no. This man of god then asked him if he believed in jesus as his  personal savior, etc. etc. etc., same old rigamarole we have all heard. When the man said no, this preacher told him he was sick because he had rejected god, would never be well in his life, was going to burn in hell, etc., turned and walked out the door. He has been reported, but I don't expect much to come from it as they are big on "pastoral" care around here. So one of my questions was if he was sick because he rejected god, why were the other people who purported to believe in god and jesus get sick? (Brought up to the other people after the inevitable strawman/no true Scotsman arguments). No answer, but I did get a few to think a little bit.

     Anyway guys, thanks for reading. Feel a little better just to get it off my chest. Be well, my friends.

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I feel your rant, and you have every right to be enraged. These two episodes provide perfect examples of the terrible, hateful, infantile, ways some people think and act. Report the matters, indeed. That is the least one can do in defense of someone who is vulnerable. The family member and the preacher should be held publicly accountable for their disregard for the wishes and welfare of others. If we remain silent in the face of such violations, we imply agreement with their outrageous acts. Even if/when criticized for publicly speaking out, we have to do it anyway, because the vulnerable ones can't often speak for themselves. 

Thanks for your rant, Tony. Well stated. 

Sorry to hear about those pushy religious people Tony.




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