Robert Reich reveals the 7 biggest lies about the economy.

1. Tax cuts on rich trickle down to the rest of us.  Fact:  

2. High taxes on the rich hurt the economy.  Fact:  

3. If we shrink government we will create jobs.  Fact:  

4. Cutting the budget deficit is more important than boosting the economy with additional spending.  Fact:  

5. Medicare and Medicaid are killing the budget.  Fact:  

6. Social Security is a ponzi scheme.  Fact:  

7. Its unfair that low income Americans pay lower income taxes.  Fact:  

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The Dutch rightwing government is using these lies or playing on the same tune - cannot find the right expression. Anyway, a big part of Europe is slowly crawling out of recession, except for the Netherlands. I cannot help thinking that it has something to do with this list... 




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