Obama: Making an Easy Race Too Close

Romney's most obvious flaws 

*secret bank accounts abroad,

*withholds his tax returns,

*maneuvers his various incomes in tax escape islands abroad,

*runs a takeover business that destroys or exports jobs,

*declares contempt for 47 percent of Americans receiving public benefits,

*adopts the Ryan Budget that shreds  America’s public services,

*corporatizes Medicare,

*bloats the military budget,

*entrenches the domination of the 1% over American workers at a time of overall declining livelihoods and growing poverty,

*Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate,

*Ryan budget cruel, dishonest and economically destructive.

*Have Democrats hammered on the secret tax returns and bank accounts?

*Have Democrats pounded out grisly details of grinding down people’s economic, health and safety well-being and sense of security contained in the unchained Ryan budget?

*Why is Obama running by himself and not with his Democratic members of Congress? He needs to retake the House and keep the Senate in order to get anything done in his second term.

*Why does Obama not have a narrative for America’s future?

*Why did The Democratic National Committee not run a Democrat against Speaker John Boehner?

 “The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the former go for the jugular while the latter go for the capillaries.”

~ Kevin Phillips


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