Romney was not elected because of Obama's gifts to voters, he lost because of his values and beliefs. I speak not of religion here, but of economic and political principles and morals he holds. He appears to me to have no conscience, no guiding principles that would prevent him from putting huge numbers of wage-earners out of work, exploiting cheap labor in foreign countries, bankrupting raided companies and benefiting himself with huge rewards. He leaves behind wreck and ruin with whatever he touches. Crony capitalism at its very worst. Listen carefully to what he says. These words do not come out of his mouth by accident, they result from thoughts in his mind. A truly flawed character.

In a healthy society, there is balance between the owners of labor, not in the form of equal pay for CEO and janitor, but in the form of sharing profits. Owners of capital invest in order for production to occur; owners of labor work to make goods and services to meet public demand. When owners of capital have a disproportionate share of profit than owners of labor, the scale of justice gets out of whack creating anger, resentment, and a willingness to tear down civil structures to get equity. The French Revolution, Russion Revolution, Cuban Revolution, the riots of 1968 all over this nation. Oh! I could list them until this page is full, but you get my meaning. 

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He also was not elected because he failed to recognize that the US is no longer a white, male, Anglo-Saxon nation any longer.  He may have won among white males, but that was virtually the only major demographic he did win, and it is a shrinking demographic.  Meantime, Obama won among blacks, Hispanics and most importantly, WOMEN, by a span of something like 35 points.  This doesn't even mention Romney's major gaffe about the "47%" and his insistence on scrapping funding for Planned Parenthood (bye-bye, women's vote!), on top of that idiotic line about kids' borrowing from their parents to be able to afford college.

The most egregious thing about Romney to me was the fact that it seemed he never saw a position he didn't like.  He was pro-choice until he decided he wasn't pro-choice.  He liked Romney-Care but didn't think much of Obamacare, which was very nearly the former's duplicate.  He moved to the right during the primaries then attempted to move back to the center after the nomination.  If Romney stood still for an instant, it was news to me.

Now ... did Obama make some faux pas during the campaign?  "You didn't build that" and "The middle class is doing fine" are two, for openers.  The fact remains that Obama actually accomplished some significant things during his first four years, despite an obstructionist Congress, whereas Romney has accomplished very little in a longer time other than running for Obama's job.

No, this is not a comprehensive post-mortem on the election (I posted a pretty credible video about that here), but that's what I have for the moment.

Yes, White privilege will no longer dominate our electoral processes and Romney clearly dismissed as unnecessary, women, blacks and Hispanics. That dreadful video of the “47%” turned my stomach. It was as if he were a rich kid going to college with a bunch of rich kids and they spend their time boasting of their supremacy, thinking they had earned privilege. He appears to be a spoiled boy who has never grown up.


In the video, Steve Schmidt, the Republican from CA described Romney in much the same vein and dealt graphically with “loonies” of the Rep. party. He indicated leaders of the party need to stand up to the foolish, not only because of deliberately blocking all attempt to solve problems, but he also said the party should “get out of the bedroom window.” At last! Some good sense and dealing decisively with the clowns.


Yes, Obama made mistakes, including the two you mentioned. There is enough blame to go around. The mistakes that bothered me were that he didn’t deal with the cost of the wars and that budget could be  a place for revenue. He didn’t indicate more bailout money would not go to bail out banks. He didn’t talk about alternative energy, which Tom Steyer, (D CA), spelled out so clearly; that inequality has a detrimental effect on the country.

I liked him saying that the prosperity from 1945 to 1980, the whole country flourished, tax rates were higher for the wealthy and that made it possible to bring many into the middle class. Changes, that included sending jobs off-shore, computers, robots and such took away wage-laborers and the income gap began to spread, slowly at first and then exponentially. That is what I have been following since mid-1970s.


Thank you for this excellent video site. I had not seen it before I like their ability to discuss without trying to be the cock on the rock. They spoke precisely about issues and their positions. Very refreshing. 


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