In Australia, we are currently voting on the question of same sex marriage (yes, we are a little behind the rest of the modern world). The reason I raise it on this forum is because this political/ethical question is typically divided along religious lines with the fundamentalist theists on the "No" side and the non-theists on the "Yes" side.

I see it as an ethical question in which one section of the community is not allowed to do what a large section of the community is allowed. It is a restriction of human rights. I can't think of any reason that an atheist would oppose equality for all sections of the community but religionists quote the babble stating that marriage is between a man and a woman only.

So I see this vote to an extent as religious/atheist vote as well because it is predominantly the religionists that oppress a whole section of the community. Unfortunately, the way the vote has been structured is designed to favour the "No" vote so the results can be rather tenuous at best.

I just wanted to share with others here so that you are aware of the religious battles that are waging in other parts of the world.

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Thanks for sharing this.

I agree, Vangelis, this religious, political, and economic battle occurs worldwide and we need to form an alliance of people around the globe who recognize human rights apply to all of us. Marriage has more to do with care, compassion, and compatibility than it does with between a man and a woman only. Especially, since the religious of all stripes seem to think that patriarchy is the natural and normal pattern of human interaction, male, perceived to dominate and female, perceived to submit to male domination is a cultural construct. There are those who believe that because males tend to be larger and stronger than females, the implication is that the male imperative is to dominate and the female imperative is to submit does not stand up to the evidence. Some males do not have a controlling personality; some females do not have a passive one. 

Of Homo sapiens, there was a time when the human male tended to be the hunter, but not in all cultures and not over all time. Muscle power, brain power, leadership, and follower functions do not exist as sex-role stereotypes, except as culture impose them on men and women.  

Indeed. I have 2 daughters and did not raise them with stereotypical roles. I raised them to be scientists and engineers and to have a love for mathematics, physics and all science. Typically these are not areas with high numbers of women. I remember in my final year of engineering at university in a class of 80 students, 4 were females. Not good enough. There is a big push in Australia to raise the numbers of women doing STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) so I am very proud to see my daughters pursuing those careers in their lives.

Vangelis, your username evokes pleasant and melodic sounds and sights, i.e. 


I have a certain Greek-American composer to thank for making a fairly common Greek name famous. My username is my first name.



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