“The devil made me do it!” in the 1960s.

~ Flip Wilson, Comedian.

“Could it be . . . Satan?” in the 1980s.

~ Dana Carver, Comedian, “Church Lady” on SNL. 

Child sexual predators are “tools of Satan.”

~ Pope Francis.

Is pope Francis joking? Child sexual predators are ”tools of Satan?” Is that all that he can muster?  The pope and the religious are all talk and no action. The leaders of religion even describe their terrible pain as the sex-scandal goes on and on. I hear far too little of the pain of the sexually abused boys and girls, men and women. 

There is no evidence of god/s and there never has been. Ancient primitive peoples attempted to understand the world into which they came and they created stories to give meaning to life and their part in it. Make believe, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions, and values based on ancient stories permeate our modern world creating more comedy, leading ultimately to tragedy. 

Far too many people holding religious beliefs put the blame for criminal, immoral, unethical behavior on the mythical Satan instead of on the men and women who commit the crime and protect and shield the perpetrators at terrible costs to the victims of predatory manipulators. 

Joan Denoo, Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Thanks to Bertold's lead to sacha's group No Nonsense and the "Excellent article by Annie Laurie Gaylor."

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Something which does not exist cannot help us, but chronic dependence on something which fails to exist does active harm to all of us.
-- me

I see the above as being a direct corollary to Pope Frankie's specious statement. He wants to assign agency to a non-existent being.  To place it elsewhere, particularly in his own organization and personnel, would be to expose it to an unprecedented number of investigations and criminal and civil charges. Something that does not exist Cannot Do ANYTHING, other than to serve as a distraction from the genuine problem and the true guilty parties.

It would appear as though Jorge Bergoglio may need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, if necessary, into the reality of the 21st century and the consequences of the systemic child abuse the Catholic Church is guilty of suborning.

It's not just an artful enhancement, it's an opportunity for all of them to play hapless victim.

Oh, gee, Satan has invaded our ranks and is leading our priests astray! Whatever shall we do about that? I know ... PRAY!!!

Meanwhile, we have to watch this crap as the RCC hierarchy excuse themselves from culpability.

One of the problems with religion is that it fosters dependency ... on something that does not exist. I can't think of a better way to create a sick person and a sick society. 

In this situation, a sick society full of dependent members creates a society of victims who expect prayer to work. When it does not, because it cannot, people  experience feelings of helplessness.  Helplessness is one of the causes of depression, as are feelings of lack of power. 

In my humble opinion, Republicans feel a lack of power and helpless. They move into a state of depression. How do people react when they feel depressed? 

Do they turn to violence against the family members, neighbors, nearby nations, people with different skin color, or different political perspectives?

Do they scapegoat the poor, the colored, other nations? 

Take N. Korea, for example. Did they feel helpless and powerless? Did they turn to nuclear power to protect themselves? Does N. Korea's nuclear power present a threat to other nations, nuclear or non-nuclear? 

Take India and Pakistan, for example. Does Pakistan feel helpless and powerless in relation to India? Do both countries have nuclear weapons? Will they use them? If they use them, how will that conflict impact the U.S. and the world?

That is some kind of special stupidity, even as it works! I wonder if there is a name for that kind of manipulation? The faithfully stupid? The stupidly faithful? I think we should call the pope on his duplicitousness!

Works for me.

Me too!




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