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Let me put this as succinctly as I can:

I LIKE Sean Faircloth!

I've read his book, Attack of the Theocrats, and found it to be informative, useful and actually entertaining. A great deal of what Sean lays out in the above video (and a lot more!) may be found in that book, and I recommend it highly.

I agree! He is awe inspiring, has a good mind, knows how to strategize for political action and has full confidence underlaid with competence. 

There arises a company of great people who will provide vision and direction for the gigantic changes taking place on this planet. Faircloth, Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, Paul Nurse, Brian Green, Brian Cox, Margaret Downey, Susan Jacoby, Eugenie Scott, Carolyn Porco, Ann Druyan, Rebecca Goldstein, and many others rise to the top as cream rises in milk. 

What a great time to be alive. 

I've heard bits of his lectures, and I'll check out his book!

Faircloth is all over YouTube, GC.  Just search on his name and you'll come up with all sorts of good stuff.




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