"Seeding Gift Culture" covers Sacred Economics and Ascent of Humanity.

The reality is, far too many wage workers make less than $9.32 per hour in WA state. 
A Washington state lawmaker has introduced a bill to increase what is already the highest state minimum wage in the nation to $12 an hour over the next three years, but the measure faces an uphill battle in a politically divided Legislature.

A move by President Obama to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour is partly an act of symbolism and political tactics, but it promises to have a practical impact on the lives of as many as half a million US workers.

Of course small business owners will object because of the already drained resources caused by business taxes. It is proper that the raise is for federal contract workers because the federal government prints money to pay for its expenses. Small businesses and wage workers currently carry a disproportionate portion of taxes. Corporations and wealthy can hide their incomes, use off-shore banking, use tax loopholes to avoid taxes. Corporations and wealthy need to pay their fair share of taxes. In the meantime, fiat money means federal debt will rise even higher.

Small business and wage worker cannot hide their money, nor can they print it. It is impossible to climb out of this financial mess until and unless the federal government does what is necessary to get money flowing again. Even at the cost of raising public debt.  

Watching the growth of the stock market does not reveal the reality of economic life in the world, it reveals the flaws of financial machinations. 
Can you think of any other way to get money into the hands of small businesses and wage workers who spend all their incomes? They don't put it in savings because they do not have discretionary funds for savings, nor do they have off-shore bank accounts, nor tax loopholes, nor money printing capabilities. 

There are better ways to organize society. Many ideas will emerge. Here is one man's ideas. 

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