There exists many in the religious community, from preacher and priest to parishioners, who have some doubts or some difficulty with what they preach, teach and hear. It is for those who doubt that I want to reach. Waste of time? perhaps! However, being caught by the delusions of those who put faith into ancient dogma, or modern charisma, and who look for a way out may welcome the seeds that non-believers offer.   

Planting a Seed of Doubt

"Skeptics should forego any thought of convincing the unconvinced that we hold the torch of truth illuminating the darkness. A more modest, realistic, and achievable goal is to encourage the idea that one may be mistaken. Doubt is humbling and constructive; it leads to rational thought in weighing alternatives and fully reexamining options, and it opens unlimited vistas."

~ Elie A. Shneour

Skeptical Inquirer, Volume 22.4, July / August 1998

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Joan, every social change requires the talents, skills, personalities of many kinds of people.  Some will be forceful and passionate.  Some will be confrontational.  Some will be quietly compelling.  Some will be dramatic.  Some will be introverted.  

It takes all kinds.  Each has their own style, and each has different appeal. Planting a seed of doubt is a big part of social change for atheists.  Unless raised as atheist, each of us had, at some point, a seed of doubt.  Some rays of sunshine peeking through the heavy shutters of indoctrination.  

That seed of doubt is a positive thing.   It's the start, not of loss, but of growth and learning.

Oh yes, I heartily agree. We spent so many years remaining silent in face of dreadful assaults, physically, mentally and emotionally from those who would proselytize non-believers. It feels good to be proud of not believing and having a response for those who ring a door bell, uninvited, and expect a passive listener. I love giving as good as I get, my seeds of ideas.




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