Senator Cantwell, we need you and President Obama to stand tall, firm, resolute and confident that the ways we have been going economically and politically have to change.

1. Stop spending money on war. The claim is we are spending for safety, and creating a larger war machine and police state is not the way to go. We don't need a police state at home. 

2. Stop spending money on banks. They caused the problems we face and we cannot afford to support crony capitalism. Our country is already bankrupt and we need to face that reality.

3. Stop printing fiat money. There is a machine to make wealthy people wealthy and working people pay the bills. Focus on Romney's and wealthy payment of taxes, or failure to do so.

4. Focus on what our country needs to flourish: clean water, healthy foods, health care for all, education that emphasizes technical and professional skills. We don't need all our citizens to be receptionists or plumbers' helpers; we need skilled trades people, technicians, crafts people.

5. Jobs for everyone that pays living wages. We thought USA was so smart to send jobs overseas or to invent robots to do the work of human beings, thus creating an over-surplus of working people. Every working person should be earning a living wage, not for luxury cars or palaces, but nourishing food, decent housing, access to health care, solid education, safe savings accounts for education and retirement.

6. Banks should protect deposits, not gamble with them.

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