Has the right wing finally gone too far? In Sequester Insanity: Why Are We Flushing Economic Recovery Down the ... William K. Black considers the risk that the sequester will throw the US back into recession.

...the sequester -- the fourth act of austerity in the last 20 months. The August 2011 budget deal caused large cuts to social spending.

... the cumulative effect of these four acts of austerity has caused a certainty of weak growth and a serious risk that we will throw our economy back into recession.

When social security and medicare cuts hit pocketbooks, when hospitals and doctors turn away patients or close, perhaps a new message will penetrate the fog of lies. Maybe the public will be ready for a move to raise taxes on the very rich and tax-sheltering corporations. Ordinary folks will maybe notice that they are being sacrificed so the .001% can laugh all the way to the bank.

It's time to focus, laser like, on the bottleneck to our common good. Republicans only retain this power to blackmail the government to prevent taxing the super rich, because they cheat. An immediate nation-wide redistricting which is objective, blind to voter registration, would solve the whole problem. End gerrymandering before the next election! With the writing on the wall, the undemocrataic stranglehold of a small fraction of voters over all would dissolve like a blood clot under anticoagulant.

Here's an example of the blood clot.

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