Seven Blunders of the World

Wealth without work,

Pleasure without conscience,

Knowledge without character,

Commerce without morality,

Science without humanity,

Worship without sacrifice,

Politics without principles”


~ Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948

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I get all of them excepting "worship without sacrifice." I know Ghandi was big on self-sacrifice, for example never eating without first making a substantial work contribution. I'm not pro sacrifice as a moral principle. For me sacrifice is only justified as a means to an end. I don't believe in martyrdom. It's been exploited too often as a  value women should internalize in order to be happily oppressed by men.

Outstanding observation, Ruth, and a connection I had not made, even though sacrifice was a very big part of my cry for my original concerns. This puts the period (.) on my yearning. 

(yield, pray, obey, turn the other cheek, crucify myself daily in imitation of the crucified christ.) 

I feel as though the bindings are now off my mind. At last. 

Me too!

Here's a concept for you:

Take the above graphic (with the removal of the "Worship Without Sacrifice" line [totally agree with you, Ruth]), and turn it into a BILLBOARD!!!  Maybe change the colors a bit, so that it's more readable at a distance (that purple isn't the best choice, is it?), but otherwise, leave it as it is.

Alternative thought: if all those lines are too much, have a series of billboards, each with one line from the above.

Whatcha think?

Loren, I searched and searched for a better graphic and that is why I typed the message below.

I am so glad you and Ruth called attention to sacrifice. You both know my issues, and sacrifice was a major part. I really like direct statements, no wishy, washy, delicate comments when strait out does a better job.  

I am in good company!

instead of sacrifice I thought of commitment, but I find no way of fitting it into the seven blunders.

Yes, Chris, when we read and pay attention to the meanings, many things begin to pop up. I now realize I had a commitment to an abusive marriage and damned near ruined my children's lives. So, the troubled word for me becomes "religion". My religious teachings and values kept me caught and unable and/or unwilling to look at a commitment that was misplaced.

Thanks for the feedback. 



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