“Sex dread” education could be on the rise under Trump. Dan Savage is ready to fight it.

“Sex dread” education could be on the rise under Trump. Dan Savage ...

"right now those motherfuckers are writing the rules of the game we’re all playing. And we’re going to have to beat them with new rules that they wrote and it’s going to be harder."

"What we’re seeing though is an effort to purge voter rolls, and put more voter ID laws in place, make it harder for poor people, people of color, urbanized college students, to vote."

"Yeah, there’s hope. But hope is in action. Hope isn’t a mood. If you want the progress that’s been made not to be entirely held back, you’d like some forward momentum again in the future, you have to get off your ass and get out there and work, fight, and make it happen. It’s not just gonna happen. Progress ain’t the weather, it’s not just gonna rain one day."

~ Dan Savage, 

I don't like the word and I am quoting Savage here, so I swallow my Victorian upbringing and give you Savage's words. He has an important message about which we need to discuss. 

Here is what experience and research show us: 

"in mid-July, the Trump administration slashed more than $200 million worth of federal funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs around America. The administration’s proposed budget in May included funneling $277 million toward abstinence education programs. Abstinence-only education advocates such as Valerie Huber have been appointed to influential positions at organizations like the US Department of Health and Human Services."

"It’s (abstinence-only funding) galling — it’s counter-productive and people are going to get knocked up. And people are gonna sexually transmit infections ’cause all the research shows that people who have abstinence-only education may delay the onset of sexual activity by about six months to nine months, but they’re still sexually active before marriage. Just less likely to use birth control or any form of protection, so more likely to get pregnant or get an STI."

"“sex dread education,”... is all about sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. Even if they’re offering information about birth control and other things, they’re still trying to scare kids out of being sexually active, which does not work. It all still sucks."

"There was also a statewide effort in Colorado that was hugely successful, that brought the unplanned pregnancy and abortion rates down to historic lows. And Republicans and conservatives opposed refunding it, opposed the continuance of each program, even though it dropped the abortion rate down. Because Republicans and conservatives aren’t actually anti-abortion. They want sex to be dangerous and consequential so as to scare people out of having it.."

~ Dan Savage

Oh! Enough of quoting Dan Savage, the entire article is worthy of time and attention. 

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Several decades ago, California educators said the state never took any federal money that required schools to teach abstinence-only courses.

The relevant California law says that if school districts have sex education programs, they have to be medically-accurate and comprehensive.

That is the wording we need!

"sex education programs have to be medically-accurate and comprehensive."

Related: "Live tweets from an abstinence-based 'sex ed' class"

Among Alice Dreger's reports of the teacher's lies and horror stories in her son's class, lots of tweets of sanity, including:

I feel like raising my hand and saying "Can I tell my sexual history, which involves a lot of pleasure before and during marriage?" And how I've had a lot of lovers and have never gotten pregnant by accident?

I just want to grab all those kids after school and say HERE IS THE TRUTH. SEX FEELS GOOD. THAT'S WHY YOU SEEK IT. TAKE CARE & HAVE FUN.




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