Have you noticed that products get smaller every year? But often the box looks just as big, often with designed special air spaces.

More than 2,500 products subject to shrinkflation, says ONS

As many as 2,529 products have shrunk in size over the past five years, but are being sold for the same price, official figures show.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said it was not just chocolate bars that have been subject to so-called "shrinkflation".

It said toilet rolls, coffee and fruit juice were also being sold in smaller packet sizes.

Since 2012, the inflation rate for products such as chocolate was actually 1.22 percentage points higher, when the smaller size was taken into account.

Dozens of chocolate bars and sweets have already got smaller.

Toblerone has shrunk by 12%, with larger spaces between the triangular "mountains".

My grocery store's regular cotton balls have become so tiny they often aren't big enough to clean inside of my cats' ears. I recently had to switch from "triple-X" size to "Jumbo Plus" (the largest) to clean cat butt.

I miss gallon sized milk containers too.

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Interesting. I've noticed that the regular brand of dental floss (J & J, I think) has gotten much thinner.

Shrinkflation is one way to increase profits.

Before WW1, a Truth in Labelling law outlawed adding water to orange juice and labelling the cans as "Orange Juice". I worked in grocery stores on Saturdays in the late 1940s and saw cans labelled as orange juice, orangeaide and orange drink. The labelling law achieved its purpose; people stopped buying the latter two of those products.

And that was a good thing. Now in our greater America we won't have those pesky job-killing regulations. Truth is kryptonite to corporations and politicians.

Yeah, and we will need a lot of kryptonite.

If we win this struggle and rise to power, others will someday need more kryptonite. As a wise old US Senator Barry Goldwater said, about six years after one set of reformers succeeds, another set will have to reform them.

Power does that to people.

He was a wise senator. Attributions have him saying someone ought to kick Jerry Falwell in the balls.




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