In the early 1980s I bought a new Mac and installed SPSS, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, when I began work on my doctorate. I also bought US Census statistical raw data, it was not available on the internet at that time. I began running programs on all kinds of data in order to understand the wage gaps between men and women. It didn't take me long branch out to other topics and ran across some strange changes taking place in economic figures by class. I started a daily watch and continued for several years, becoming more alarmed as the income gap between rich and poor not only widened, but began to grow exponentially. I began seeking political and economic news on TV and nothing made sense. I gave away my TV and subscribed on the internet to different newsletters from all sides of the political and economic spectrum. The reality of what is happening to not only in the USA, but to the world situation, emerged revealing a much deeper story. These films are retrospectives; I experienced the data first hand.

Six Films on the Financial Crisis

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During Reagan's presidency I heard talk about subsidies for companies that were going overseas and hiring employees there. Both Dems and Repubs talked about it. I didn't know why Dems were doing nothing to stop the subsidies.

I heard a Repub say they'd been unable to end the social programs in Congress, so they would end them by borrowing the gov't into bankruptcy. (We now know they succeeded.)

Repubs called Dems taxers-and-spenders and Dems didn't reply. I wrote furious letters to Dems about their silence when borrowing was fiscal child abuse. I suggested that they call the Repubs borrowers-and-spenders. The Dems remained silent. I decided that the Dems didn't care where the money came from, as long as they could help spend it.

Tom, we haven't had a strong Democratic party for a long time; we haven't had a strong small business and wage-earners either. The current situation should raise up intelligent, strong, capable and determined people around whom small business and wage-workers can rally. Some women show promise, Elizabeth Warren, for example. The basic problems become so obvious, surely they will emerge. If not, USA, in principle, is toast.
I agree Democrats stayed silent far too long, were much too polite, and didn't raise hell. Frankly, modern Democrats are bought and paid for by the oligarchs. They don't bite the hand that feeds them.




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