We, you and I, claim to live in a democracy, a place where the rule of law stands higher than the rule of man. We believe such fallacies because that is what we learned in school, from the first time we stood tall and proud and repeated the "pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America." We repeated those words throughout our elementary school years, repeated and repeated them, year after year until we grew into higher levels of learning. When did we stop learning by repetition? When did we stop believing all the things that the family, religion, government and business wanted us to learn?

Life teaches skepticism. Some of us learn it early in our lives, others of us never learn to be skeptical. I am 81 years old and continue to believe lies and fabrication created by those who want to exploit and manipulate us.

Remember the book, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and the theme of mendacity? What does that word mean? According to my dictionary, it includes misinformation and disinformation:

Alternative facts
Big lie
Circular sourcing
Echo chamber
Euphemistic misspeaking
False flag
Fake news
Filter bubble
Ideological framing
Internet manipulation
Media manipulation
Quote mining
Scientific fabrication
Social bot
Yellow journalism

Media manipulation

I didn't vote for tRump because I didn't believe his claims. It turns out that my skepticism was well grounded.

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"D]espite his bungling start, this is the project that Donald Trump appears to have embarked upon. Since the end of January, he has appointed one of his closest political allies, Jeff Sessions, to run the Justice Department; fired an acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who had warned the White House that the national-security adviser was compromised; and axed forty-six U.S. Attorneys, one of whom, Preet Bharara, had jurisdiction over Trump’s business empire. Now the head of the F.B.I., James Comey, has been ousted, at a time when the agency is conducting an investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s election campaign and the Russian government."


Thanks for the New Yorker article, Joan. Especially, this quote:

Artie Nusbaum, one of the managers of the construction firm that built Trump Tower, said, “This is who he is. No morals, no nothing."

No morals, no nothing.

I must be stupid, but I cannot understand that people want anything to do with such a person, let alone give him power. 

Plinius, you're probably not stupid. You are certainly ignorant of issues inside our Republican party.

Some say the GOP'S Western Conservative vs. Eastern Moderate strife began in 1948 when the Eastern Republican Tom Dewey lost to the Democrat Harry Truman. Others say it began in or soon after the 1952 GOP primary when Western Conservative Ohio Senator Robert Taft lost lost to the moderate Texan WW2 hero Dwight Eisenhower.

I saw the strife go public near 1960 when far right conservatives started calling Eisenhower a communist sympathizer and set out to expel moderates from the GOP.

The GOP lost members and in the late 1960s replaced them with southern Democrats who opposed the civil rights laws and whose ancestors had owned slaves. They brought their racism into the nd it's still there.

After 1980 President Reagan invited religious conservatives to join the GOP. No one had first counted them and their majorities took over the GOP in many states. The National GOP used their votes to win elections but did not enact the laws they wanted. The intraparty strife resulted.

Europe had centuries of religious wars. Real wars.
Postscript. The GOP base, mostly xian, were angry enough at the GOP Establishment to vote for the demagogue Trump.

Thanks, Tom. It's certainly hard to follow the mix of emotions, party politics and common sense - if any - in another country. Even hard to understand those things in one's own country without reading politics all day. Most of the time I understand just enough to know what NOT to vote, but I see very clearly that there are a lot of demagogues wanting a job.. everywhere...

Joan, when you were learning about domination, did you see anything on the ways people gain power, aka becoming dominant, in a group?

A few days ago I realized that Trump's persistent lying, being unpredictable, would work. He lies because lying has long helped him become the most dominant person on the scene.




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