There are Republicans for conservation? Yes, a few.

Robert Sisson shares quiet back room conversations from The Republican Convention, about the corrosive effect of Fossil Fuel Backed Super Pacs.

Climate Change Conservatives and the Problem with Big Money

As the leader of the national grassroots organization of Republicans who care about conservation issues—ConservAmerica—...we believe nothing is more conservative than conservation,...

...quiet conversations with delegates and behind-the-scenes power brokers...provide clarity to the state of the American political system.

Throughout the convention, people—little known delegates from Iowa to well known governors—told me the same thing. “We’ve just got to get better on conservation issues, especially climate change, if we want to remain the majority party.”

I’d ask each person ... “Why do you think our candidates aren’t talking about climate change or clean energy?” ... the answer was nearly unanimous.

The big money in Republican politics comes from the fossil fuel industry. Individual donors don’t count anymore. Politicians will do or say anything to keep the money flowing to the super PAC’s aligned with their candidacies. Often shared in a careful whisper, many delegates would add, “Citizens United buried democracy.”

At least some conservatives realize that their candidates are Fossil Fuel Industry puppets.

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Fine, well, and good, but the fact is that the GOP remains dominated by ultra-conservative and TEA Party wonks.  As far as they're concerned, everyone else is a RINO - Republican In Name Only - and not worth their notice.  So long as money continues to talk as loudly as the Citizens United decision allows it to, this status will continue to obtain, and those in power in the GOP hierarchy will continue to be in love with the likes of the Kochs and their peers so long as the money keeps flowing.

I don't understand why average Americans who think they are conservatives can't see through the smokescreen.  Cutting taxes on the wealthy does NOT effing work!  It's been tried in the past and it didn't work, so why does anyone think it would work now?  Hasn't anybody been paying attention?

"One definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results." (I don't know who said that first; it's been credited to everyone from Benjamin Franklin to Albert Einstein, Narcotics Anonymous, and beyond.  but it doesn't matter who said it's TRUE!)

The following article isn't exactly about Citizens United, but it IS about the ruling GOP mind-set...

The comments following the article are excellent...surprisingly intelligent.  Some people ARE paying attention; I just hope it's enough.

BTW,  “We’ve just got to get better on conservation issues, especially climate change, if we want to remain the majority party.”  *Ahem* Majority party WHERE?  The House of Reps this week?  Or the number of registered GOP voters over-all?





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