Tax Cuts for the Rich Help the Rich, Not You

"Big money will pull out all the stops to sell you a tax plan that exclusively benefits the wealthy. Don’t buy it."

"You’ll see images of families flashing across your TV screen while a soothing narrator assures you that the tax plan being debated in Washington really is good for you. The newspapers you read, the social media apps you scroll through, the websites you frequent, and the snippets of radio you catch will all feature ads talking about it."

"That’s what a marketing blitz looks like, and there’s one coming for the Trump tax plan. It will be well-produced, well-orchestrated, and completely devoid of facts.

“This is probably the biggest wealth grab in American history by the wealthy, for the wealthy.”

"President Trump started his sales pitch for his tax cutting agenda in Missouri in August, where the assembled audience was treated to a fact-free sermon on the virtues of his plan. Gone were any specifics of what’s in it, or who gets what.

"On the corporate side, looking at Trump’s tax plan from the campaign, ... Corporations will see their nominal tax rates drop from 35 percent to 20 or even 15 percent. Individual rates will go down — possibly for everyone, but definitely and most strikingly for the very wealthy. Overall tax revenue will tank, potentially by as much as $10 trillion over ten years.

We know for sure that lower corporate taxes do not create jobs."

"On the individual side, half of the proposed cuts will go to millionaires, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

On " the revenue" sideTrump claims his tax cuts will pay for themselves with increased economic growth. That theory’s been debunked many times over and yet remains stubbornly in play.

"So what happens when trillions of dollars of tax revenue get slashed?

"Tax cuts Trump proposes will have to come out of public programs.

"The Trump tax cut plan is disastrous for working families and for anyone who cares about a fair and just economy.

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The link didn't work. 

Sadly, this is old news. Call it what you wish, supply-side or "trickle-down," it didn't work for Reagan, and it didn't work for Bush 43. Why an exception should be made for the Orange Nightmare is beyond me.

You are right on, Loren. It didn't work, it isn't working, and it will not work. 



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