I can hear it now: "Wait a minute!  What is a music video doing in a group called, 'Politics, Economics and Religion?'  Betty Bowers is more about satire and parody than any of those issues.  Shouldn't this be in another group?"

And I have to answer honestly, no, I don't think so.  Indeed, I think all three of those topics are DEEPLY involved in the following piece.  Watch the video and listen to Joni's lyrics, then you tell me if it is better suited elsewhere.

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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Perfectly placed! Do mentally healthy, mature, adults actually behave that way?!

Joan, that's the scariest part of the whole business: people DO behave that way ... and think that's it's perfectly normal.  "Mentally healthy and mature?!?"  Not so much.

I find this particular piece interesting, because it may have marked Betty Bowers' crossover from parody to social commentary.  Driven by Joni Mitchell's scathing lyrics, it makes one powerful statement!

Thanks for posting Loren, I enjoyed that very much!

You're very welcome, Chris.  I've loved Joni Mitchell since I first heard Song to a Seagull, over 40 years ago, and the way Betty Bowers uses her here is simply PERFECT!




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