Ayn Rand/Right-Wing styled libertarians, …just don't get it.

Collectivist have known for years...

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Thanks for this lead. I like his reporting. It is becoming really clear, neo-classical and neo-liberal economic policies are what got us in this mess and we need a major shift. Obviously, Obama is not the one to make those changes, there are no other Democrats that look good, the Republican candidates are all clowns, and I see no 3rd party and they wouldn't have a chance anyway. So, I will go with Obama, hope the Democrats will find a new vision. I really would like to go with a third party that knows global warming needs attention, whether man-made or nature's cycles; if they stood on the side of women as being fully human, fully adult, and fully capable of making decisions in her self-interest an her family's interests; and who leave religion to homes and churches and out of politics. I am getting quite fed up with the proposed legislations going around the country, kind of like small pox. It is truly a war against women. 



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