Thank you, Paula Deen, for Showing Us that America Is Not a 'Post-R...

What is the point of forgiving someone if they have not stopped being a bigot? Who gains in such a situation. A person uses the N-word, speaks openly about being racists, does not deny it, while another who forgives maintains and perpetuates racism. Forgiveness has no place in such an event. Even Desmond Tutu required truth telling in his Truth and Reconciliation Commission. There can be no forgiveness without facing facts. Deen's apology was not about change of behavior. Read her transcript of her deposition. I don't have to read what other people say about her, she said everything she needs to say to reveal her deepest reasoning. She has to be held accountable. Forgiveness is not called for nor is it appropriate. 

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Joan, you hardly need Paula Deen to know that the US isn't post-racial.  The behavior of too many republicans demonstrates it amply as well, and they don't even need the N-word to do it.  Their obstructionism in congress and declarations of intentions speak their piece as well as any epithet would:

Their attitude may be thinly camouflaged, and they would never admit to the root reason, but the fact is that they cannot or will not deal with the fact that there is a black man occupying the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

When WILL the US be post-racial?  When we don't even think to discuss something like this.




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