The Arab Spring and Climate Change

"The world is changing politically, economically, and demographically. In the Arab world, previously stagnant governments are searching for a stable foundation on which to build their strength, resilience, and democratic institutions. All of this is occurring during a time of unprecedented climatic changes, which makes it all the more difficult to find that stable ground."

Combine political and economic conditions with the addition of religious delusions, we get a mix of very toxic limitations to solving these huge problems. These are all real factors, not imagined. As long as we treat them as if they exist with only one way to respond, we will continue to have dysfunctions. 

"The pursuit of democracy, prosperity, and stability in the Arab world is intimately tied to its own natural resources, and those of nations on the other side of the world. Climate change places a significant stress on those resources, but this climate and resource crisis can also serve as an opportunity for governments in the region, along with the international community, to reject the mistakes of the past. 

"They can together help build freer, more sustainable, and more resilient societies—societies that are responsive to the winds of change, both social and natural,
while still capable of finding stable ground to stand on."

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