First of all, I have to thank Dylan Martin for posting a picture with a part of the following article on it.  That's what inspired me to Google the quote, initially looking for attribution.  What I discovered, though, was that the quote was part of an article written by one Ted Musk, which spells out in bold and unequivocal language what is going on with the supposed "war on religion" or "war on Christmas" or whatever contretemps some believers want to allege is being waged against their belief system.

That said, I'm reprinting the entire article below, though you can find it's original here.  Please enjoy.


We hear a lot from politicians and televangelists such as Pat Robertson claiming religion is under attack - and they are right. Religion is under attack, but not in the way they want us to think it is. When they say religion is under attack, they really mean Christianity because it is the most popular religion in America. We don't hear them complaining when Islam, Scientology, Mormonism etc. is being ridiculed.

Let's be clear, there is a difference between the ideas of a religion being attacked and attacking the right to worship. The right to worship or practice a religion is not under attack, it's the credibility of religious claims which are being attacked.

In a free society, ideas are and should be up for debate because ideas matter, especially when those ideas influence government. America is a nation built on freedom, and because of that everything can be under attack including freedom itself. In order to keep this freedom we must stay vigilant of those who want to restrict our freedoms and in many cases, religion is the tool used to achieve this.

Those complaining that religion is under attack aren't upset because their religious beliefs are being misconstrued (because they aren't). They are angry because the facts and evidence show that religious claims lack credibility, and they don't care whether their beliefs are true - they care about how their beliefs makes them feel. When the credibility of one's religion is put into question it is very uncomfortable for those who don't value the truth. If more people are losing their faith in Christianity, then Christianity eventually will lose its power and influence in government. This is a power it should never have had in the first place and losing it is what frustrates and scares them most.

When we hear people whining about an attack on religion, we need to realize that what they are really complaining about is the fact that people are waking up and telling them they have no right to force their views on others - because no one is trying to take away their right to worship. There is not a decline in churches or religious programming in America - freedom of religion is very much alive but so is the amount of people who are thinking for themselves and questioning religious claims. Just because religion is losing the argument, it doesn't mean that religious freedom is under attack.

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